Food as a collaborative commons

Nutritional security and sovereignty, ensuring good and sustainable food for everyone needs an understanding of food as a “collaborative commons”. The food system of the future has to be driven by collaborative local networks, organized in more sustainable and equitable arrangement where economic profit is not the driver. It has to be based on cultural, environmental and social values and be realized in individual collaborative initiatives. An open dialogical culture and individual binding arrangements regulate the collaboration and balance the different interests of the participants along the foodcycle.

BachserMärt forum Langstrasse 195, 8005 Zurich


Are you the driver of an initiative, are you part of an organization who is looking into sustainable food and beverage as a commons, away from the usual food business? In that case the usage of the forum is free for your activities, your work or meetings in the evening from 5pm and on weekends.

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Soup Holiday
Between 14th of July and 23rd of August we do not serve a meal prepared from food surplus. On Thursday, 24th of August you are again welcome do lunch with us!

Movement brings initiatives and partners that are working for a foodsystem what is not a business anymore but rather a collaborative commons together.

SOCIAL FOOD movement
A futures foodsystem – the sustainable regional food network
the food network Zurich – Bachs – Rafzerfeld
the round table is the basis of the collaboration within the network – and beyond
stop food waste – careful handling of resources
eating – foodculture and taste
agriculture withouth plough – a research project
the hotel and restaurant as a platform of sustainable regional food
three farmers, a mill, a bakery, a distributor – one bread
the food network Pokhara and surroundings in Nepal
vocational training and education in Nepal – a collaboration with BachserMärt
dryed mango and bananas – joint development Switzerland – Mozambique
A tasty choice of fine food coming each time from crofters of another region of the world
Share your food surplus

social gartronomy, the movement
Zurich based restaurant cooking with local farmers products and food surplus

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